The South Asia Institute Requests Donations for Nepal. After the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, on 24.4. and on 12.5.2015, the South Asia Institute (SAI) has launched a donation campaign to provide short and long term help. Projects have already begun, and have taken up promising speed. To this end, the Association of Friends and Supporters of the SAI has set up the “Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Heidelberg” (short SAI HELP NEPAL). The donations will be used for humanitarian aims and project for the restoration of the architectural heritage – you find the project descriptions here under ‘projects’, and more will come.

The South Asia Institute is active in Nepal with several academic projects and runs a branch office in Patan since 1987. Our initiative is completely based on honorary work. Each project has one or two key patrons, members of the South Asia Institute, you learn more about them on the respective project sites. Due to their long familiarity with Nepal and partly decades long personal contacts, faculty and junior researchers of the SAI working voluntarily in or for Nepal guarantee a direct non-bureaucratic transfer of the funds. If you want to donate for one particular project, please mention “Nepalhelp” plus the Name, or a keyword from the project portrayed. Donation certificates will be issued on request; kindly send an email with your adress to: gieselmann@sai.uni-heidelberg.de.

Further information: http://www.sai.uni-heidelberg.de/en/spendenaufruf-nepal.php GDO_4163

Crying Buddha
Buddha is crying because Nepal is facing an earthquake. 7.5.2015. Drawing by nine-year old Ojaswi Singh Bista (published with kind permission of N Singh (father).