Jahrestag des Erdbebens in Nepal

Dear Friends of Nepal,


Exactly one year ago the earth shook in Nepal. Together with the second large earthquake on May 12, 2015, more than 9000 people died in the aftermath, many children were orphaned, many people injured, or traumatised, losing other family members, friends, homes, work. More than 900.000 buildings collapsed, many of which were residential homes, many part of Nepal’s cultural heritage.


What happened since then? You must have learnt much in the media these days: not much indeed. The Nepali government seems to have been paralysed, partly also through the blockade in the Terai due to political dissent, possibly also because of the earthquake. A national commission for the coordination of relief work was only formed in January 2016. The majority of donations has not even been claimed, not to even mention being used for concrete aid.


Our small voluntary organisation SAI HELP NEPAL, too, was very ambitious, wanted to be active in more contexts than we ended up organising. We also encountered inertia, problems on various levels. Albeit, we can proudly say that your donations have reached – not only in the shape of instant humanitarian help immediately after the earthquakes, but also in the form of long-term projects that promised to produce sustainable help. We informed you on this matter in our personal online reports, in news media, and our newsletters (you can find them on the homepage).


Our principle is the distribution of means through our research-related networks, projects of which we have by now been able to visit in person, moreover we do not spend any money for administrative expenditure, and we have all worked on a voluntary basis. This meant quite an effort in terms of time and energies invested, for something, however, we are absolutely convinced of. We have tried our best to update you on our proceedings, and will continue to do so, with an update of the projects on the website www.saihelpnepal.com by May 12, 2016.


Because we would like to continue our work, with our partners in Nepal, and partly even start supporting additional projects, we appeal to you to continue your support. Here are the bank details:


Friends of the South Asia Institute e.V.
Keyword: “Erdbeben Nepal”

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IBAN: DE37 6725 0020 0001 3006 95


With many thanks for your trust, and with best regards,


Manik Bajracharya, Christiane Brosius, Martin Gieselmann, Rajan Khatiwoda, Marcus Nüsser, Roberta Mandoki, Axel Michaels, Nadine Plachta, Davide Torri u.a.