Nepal Earthquake Relief ‚Brücke nach Tibet e.V.‘

Brücke nach Tibet e.V.

The non-profit association ‚Brücke nach Tibet e.V.‘ was founded in June 2011. The board consists of:

Nike-Ann Schröder (SAI, Abt. Ethnologie)

Christoph Bergmann (SAI, Abt. Geographie)

Gerald Schreiber (Tibetologe)


Article about Project in Sajhapost: here

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The association supports refugees and vulnerable people, primarily in the Himalayan region. It pursues a strictly humanitarian purpose, is non-sectarian, and has no political affiliations. In our voluntary work we rely on long-standing working experiences in the Himalayan region. Both Nike-Ann Schröder and Gerald Schreiber have previously conducted study and research visits to Nepal. Our earthquake relief projects in Nepal have run since the 28th of April 2015, most of which are based on a cooperation with local initiatives.

Our project within the SAIHELPNEPAL-Iniative

Damaged school building in the village Thulo Dhading (Sindhupalchok District)

Within the SAIHELPNEPAL-Initiative we support the building of provisional classrooms in Thulo Dhading (Sindhupalchok District). Approximately 400 pupils attend the school, which was (as the entire village) severely damaged by the earthquake. Teachers would like to start classes at the beginning of June, but are prevented from doing so owing to the ruined buildings. We support the establishment of provisional classrooms, as well as, in the long run, contribute to the reconstruction of the old school building, so as to support efforts to return some form of normalcy for the children. The building should also serve as an emergency shelter for village residents.

Our previous earthquake relief work in Nepal

Through friends and colleagues as well as through the support of the parish ‘Maria Königin des Friedens‘ in Göttingen’ we have received 18.228,84 € in donations (date of 27.05.). These donations have enabled us to support or initiate the following emergency aid activities within a narrow time frame:

This poster – like our entire work in Nepal – resulted from cooperation with local partners

28.04.15: Aid for a monastery with 248 monks, nuns and children near Kathmandu that had been damaged by the first major earthquake. We supported the purchase of tarpaulins, food and medicine valued at 2,000 €.

03./04.05.15: Aid relief to the destroyed villages of Thulodading, Leshangu, Atrapur, Thakani und Thalaku in Sindupalchok District in collaboration with the Karmapa-Relief-Fund. We provided 888,98 € for relief items.

07.05.15: Aid relief and medical support for people in Thakani, Sindhupalchok District and Nuwakot worth 892,50 €.

07.05.15: Aid relief to the destroyed village Saramthali, Ward 1-6, in Kabhrepalanchok District. Besides food, medicine, water buckets and sanitary products, one tent was provided to every unsheltered family. Local fundraising efforts raised 1,200 €, which we matched with an additional 1,787.32 €.

 07.05.15: Provision of aid to some of the affected people in Dhading District. Done in collaboration with the Earthquake Relief Program of the Karma Kagyue-monasteries, we provided relief items totaling 888.47 €. Volunteers of the Lekhsheyling monastery distributed these relief items.

 13.-15.05.15: Aid relief to a destroyed village near Langtang on the Tibetan border in Rasuwa District. We supported a local initiative of the Tashi Lama with 500 €.

13.05.15: After the second major earthquake we agreed to supply the damaged monastery near Kathmandu with food and medicine for one month worth 5,240.46 €. The monastery accommodates many children from poor families living in the heavily affected districts Rasuwa and Gorkha.

15.-29.05.15: Financing of four mobile medical camps and the establishment of emergency shelters in Kathmandu and nearby regions. We supported these activities, which were realized by three voluntary nurses and monks from the Pal Dilyak monastery, through the purchasing of tarpaulins, clothes and medicine totaling 1,977.61 €.

27.05.15: Relief aid provided to the inhabitants of the destroyed village Phulping Kot, Ward No.5, in Sindhupalchok District. For every one of the 128 families in the village we provided two corrugated iron sheets each (costs including transport 1,795.28 €). Additionally, and with local support, we also provided food and sanitary products.

We provided emergency items for a destroyed nunnery that accommodated approx. 250-300 nuns worth 2030,- €. These people are currently on their way to Kathmandu where our team supports the establishment of an emergency shelter in cooperation with the Pal Dilyak monastery and others.


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Images of the destruction, and the people and relief measures supported by our organization



The village Thulo Dhading in Sindhupalchok District was severely affected by both earthquakes. Nearly all buildings were damaged and the Shri Dharmadaya Secondary Higher School, which is attended by approximately 400 pupils, was irreparably destroyed. With the kind support of SAIHELPNEPAL we have been able to finance and coordinate the construction of a temporary school building. The purchased materials (e.g. roof sheets) are of high quality and can be reused later. Our association raised further donations to purchase additional roof sheets for approximately 90 families of the village (60 families in ward 1 and 30 Dalit families). Our Nepalese team leader, Samten Lama, cooperated with three volunteer teams from Kathmandu. In a joint effort with the residents of the village and the teaching staff the provisional school was build. We could also finance the installation of sanitary facilities for the school, school books and stationaries. The initiative could be successfully finished just before the start of the monsoon rains and little after the official start of the school year. All the activities were done on a voluntary basis. For the children it was fascinating to keep track of the construction work. The overall project valued at 5,257 € of which SAIHELPNEPAL provided 2,743.

Bild 1: Provisorische Klassenzimmer/Classroom


Bild 2: Das Kollegium/Staff